Verification Flow

The verification flow is the entirety of all the steps that your users need to complete to get onboarded on your app.

1. Verify with Synaps

After integrating our solution, you should now have a Verify with Synaps button on your website. The users can click on it and it will open our onboarding process.

Verify with Synaps button embedded on WeStart

2. Onboarding process

Then the user can complete their workflow directly on your app.

3. User authorization

After completing their onboarding process, the user needs to authorize all the document they have just submitted with your app. You are then able to access their resources through our API.

4. Authorization code

Once the user has finished their onboarding, the Synaps Client triggers an event called userOnboardSuccess with an authorization code.

let Synaps = new SynapsClient('YOUR_CLIENT_ID');
// When user onboarding is completed
Synaps.on('userOnboardSuccess', (code) => {
// Call your API to exchange code with access tokens (see OAuth Workflow)