Our onboarding steps let you easily create the verification flow you need.

1. Add a new step

Click on the Add new onboarding step to start the creation process

2. Select scope

Synaps lets you chose between 4 scopes.

Identity - You can chose between 4 documents (Passport, National ID, Driver's License, Resident Permit). Note that for every identity submission, we are performing a liveness verification to ensure that the user who is submitting the document is the same as the one behind the computer.

Residency - You can chose between 3 documents to prove the residency of a user : Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Government Document

Phone - Verification flow for phone number.

Email - Access user email

3. Select scope type

There are 2 kinds of scope types : state and data.

Data - You can access the user's data and the certificate we provide on the user. Through the API, you can access all the user's data such as Firstname, Lastname, Date of Birth, Document Type, Document Number. You will also receive information like liveness score, trust score and face matching. Perfect if you need to prove the identity of your users to a 3rd-party (Banks, Financial Institution, Government).Read more in identity section‚Äč

State - You only know that a user has submitted his passport. No data or certificates will be shared with you. We let you know if the verification has already been done or if it is still pending. This fits with the need of a decentralized exchange that respects compliance regulations but also the privacy of their users.

4. Select step requirement

You can chose if an onboarding step should be required or optional. If it's required, users need to complete it right away. If it's optional, users can skip the step and complete it later.

5. Country restriction

Country restriction allows you to restrict users from certain countries to get onboarded. You can chose to restrict countries in the identity and residency step, or both.

6. Step created

Your onboarding step is created and you are able to remove and add as many steps as you want. Note that every time you edit your onboarding, all authorized users are revoked as they did not complete the new workflow.

Onboarding steps are not editable once you upgrade to paid plan. Make sure to setup the right workflow during your free plan period.