A lot of platform have their own tiering system meaning that it allows the user to access a part of the platform's feature with different level of verified documents.
The setup of tiers is completely optional and has only been designed for user experience purpose.
To demonstrate the utility of Synaps' tiering system, let's take an example with WeStart that offers different features based on the level of verification of their customers.
Tier 1 is allowed once the customer's email is verified
Tier 2 is allowed once the customer's ID is verified
Tier 3 is allowed once the customer's phone number and proof of residency are verified
WeStart can definitely have 2 different flows with a single app.
WeStart will first create a Tier 2 with ID + Liveness
It will then create a Tier 3 with Phone + Proof Of Residency
At the end, each tier will have its own tier_id and it will be set in the Verify SDK. Verify SDK will then display step_id previously set in the manager interface.
Last modified 4mo ago