Restrictions are part of compliance requirements. It can be country restrictions or document restrictions. Synaps makes the process easier by having a simple interface to manage restrictions.

Document and country restrictions

Restricted countries

To add a new restricted countries, click on manage then type the country you want to restrict
You have now restricted all documents for United States
If you want you want fine-grained restriction per country and document, you can click on the United States and toggle the document you want to allow for the US.
Selecting the country and managing their restricted document is the best way to have a fine-grained restrictions system. However, doing this by hand can be quite tedious. That is why you can restrict a document type for all countries.
In the case, all National ID and Driver License are restricted to getting enrolled. However, as we setup a country-level restriction for the US. Only US citizen are able to upload a National ID. Country-level restrictions are priority over document-level restrictions.
It works exactly the same way for Proof of Residency and Phone verification restrictions.
Last modified 1yr ago