The flow is the set of verification steps that your company requires to meet regulatory compliance. For Corporate, the verification flow is a standard flow tailored to meet KYB compliance. However, it can be configure to ensure country restrictions and document requirements are met.
For Corporate, there is 3 settings:

1. Corporate & Sub-Corporate

Choose which legal document is required and which country do you accept to pass KYB.

2. Beneficial Owners

Determine which countries are restricted to pass KYC as Beneficial Owners for ID and Proof of Residency.

3. Anti-Money Laundering (AML/CFT)

Nowadays, lot of industries requires AML/CFT checks to meet regulatory compliance. Synaps ensures a clear and complete screening of all user enrolled in an app that have enabled AML/CFT checks.
When the AML/CFT screening is active, you can configure multiple parameters.
Final Decision Maker
Each time a user pass ID verification, Synaps is performing an AML request against thousands of Global Watchlists. If nothing matches with the screened user, the user is automatically accepted. Nevertheless, if there is match between the screened customer and a person in the Global Watchlist you will need to chose who will review it and take the final decision to whether or not accept the user.
Screening Criterias
AML/CFT screening has its own glossary. Synaps allows you to set your own AML/CFT acceptance criterias to help your compliance officer or Synaps Compliance Officer to review accurately all potential matches.
Monitoring is a continuous screening option that helps you get instant notification when one of your previously enrolled do something bad.