Synaps Manager lets you manage your apps, your workflow and your users. You can access it here : Just type your email and here you go. We use a passwordless authentication process, which means that you will receive a unique code via email each time you want to login.

Here is a guided tour of what you can do with the Synaps Manager.

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is where you land once you are logged in. You can see all the apps you have created and you can manage them.

2. Security

Security lets you enable 2-Factor Authentication to enhance your account security level. You also have access to the list of all current session using your account and all security events related to your account.

3. App Dashboard

Your app dashboard lets you manage your app. Here you can, check the onboarded users, add onboarding steps, check the integration guide and manage your webhooks.


Get access to all the users that started your verification flow.


Create your own verification flow by adding onboarding steps.


Get all the step to integrate simply our verification flow on your app.



Manage your webhooks to let Synaps notify you when something is getting updated.