(beta) Migration Guide

From BETA to current production release, there was few modifications along with breaking changes. Here is a quick migration guide to easily switch from BETA release to production release


BETA API URL: https://auto-id-api.synaps.io

PRODUCTION API URL: https://autoid-api.synaps.io

There is no dash (-) between auto and id for the production release.

2. Create a new session breaking change

To create a session in BETA release, you had to call /v1/session/create with Authorization header

To create a session in PRODUCTION release, you have to call /v1/session/init with Api-Key

3. Supported Document List

The endpoint is still the same ([GET] /v1/documents/list) and return the same structure.

4. Verify Document breaking change

The endpoint is still the same ([POST] /v1/documents/verify). The only thing that needs to be changed is that there is no more session_id in query parameters. Session-Id has to be sent through headers (Session-Id)

expiration_date is now document_expiration InfoObject

5. Certificate breaking change

The endpoint was ([GET] /v1/session/certificate), it is now [GET] /v1/document/certificate. session_id was in query parameters, it is now in headers as Session-Id and Authorization is replaced by Api-Key

We also added a way to generate a certificate in different page size. We currently support A4, A3, Letter and Legal.

6. Document Details new

You can now retrieve details of a processed document later on using your Session-Id and your Api-Key.

7. Non-Blocking request new

We added the support for non-blocking request meaning that you don't have to wait the end of the document processing to get called back.