Synaps apps allow you to easily integrate a KYC/AML verification workflow on your platform

A Synaps user who has already passed his KYC just needs to share his data with your 3rd-party app. It's a complete frictionless solution for both your app and the user.

Every app has to be reviewed by our technical team before being promoted to production but every newly created app comes with a free plan including 50 free verifications.

1. Create an app

To start, you need to create an app. After logged in to your Synaps Manager interface, just click on the Create new app button.

2. Fill in your app information

Enter your app info such as app name, description and logo. Choose among individual or business app. Individual will let you build your entire verification flow according to your needs while business app will create a corporate-based workflow.

3. You are ready to go!

You have just successfully created your app. You now have access to your app dashboard where you can access your onboarded users, manage your onboarding steps, add webhooks and start the integration.

We advise you to continue with the following sections to create your verification workflow and start integration.